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                Eighteen Ningbo Enterprises Selected '2022 China Top 500 Private Enterprises'
                Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-09-09 10:46:04

                  By Dong Na

                  Recently, the list of "2022 China Top 500 Private Enterprises" was released, and a total of 18 private enterprises were selected in Ningbo, with the number of enterprises on the list increasing by two compared to last year. Among them, Youngor Group, Ningbo Jintian Copper Group, and China-Base Ningbo Group ranked 52^nd, 67^th, and 77^th respectively.

                  In addition to the above three 100 billion enterprises, Ningbo has 15 private enterprises on the list, including Grand Resources Group, AUX Group, Deli Group, and Sunny Optical Technology Group.

                  Ningbo has 19 private enterprises listed in the "2022 China Top 500 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing", the number of listed enterprises is 1 less than last year; four private enterprises are listed in the "2022 China Top 100 Private Enterprises in Services", the number of listed enterprises is the same as last year.

                  According to the latest research on private enterprises above state-designated-scale in Ningbo, the 225 private enterprises participating in the survey had total revenue of 1.62 trillion yuan in 2021.

                  The role of the private economy as the main force of Ningbo's economic and social development has become more prominent. In 2021, the value added of industrial private enterprises in Ningbo grew by 13.0%, pulling the city's industrial value-added growth rate of 7.5 percentage points, with a contribution rate of 62.8%; private enterprises also accounted for 70.4% of the city's foreign trade import and export volume.

                  The survey of private enterprises above state designated scale in Ningbo has been conducted for 24 years, and the number of private enterprises in 2021 has increased by 51 compared to the previous year. Among them, 35 enterprises are above 10 billion, an increase of three compared to the previous year; there is one new private enterprise of 100 billion, namely China-Base Ningbo Group.

                  Chief Adviser: Zhou Fangzhou

                  Proofreader: Gou Wen

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